You have contacted us because you are ready to return unsold product, right?

Please be advised that at we can only send return shipping labels to shipments originating in the USA and Canada. If your shipment is originating from outside of North America you pay for shipping, fill out the form and upload a photo of your shipping receipt. We will reimburse you for it by crediting your account balance.

(You will have to fill out the form one time for each label or reimbursement you are requesting.)

Before we can assist you, we need to collect the following:
1) Your current contact information to make sure that we have the proper address for the label.
2) The package information. (Please choose the smallest package possible.)
If in the USA: you will specify the Priority Mail Flat Rate package size. If returning a large banner in a Priority Mail Medium Tube Box, we will need the weight as well.
If in Canada: you will use a plain package that will go First Class International for which we will need the weight and dimensions of the package.
If outside of North America: we will need the cost, tracking number, an uploaded photo of the shipping receipt and the weight.
3) Your current invoice number.

Lets get started!
Is this the first return label or reimbursement request for the project you are currently trying to wrap up? *

How many labels or reimbursements will you be requesting? *

What's your first name? *

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What is your current invoice number? *

What is your current phone number? *

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What is your current street address? *

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State/Province/Territory *

Zip/Postal Code *

Country *

Enter USA for the United States.
Is this a personal address? *

Which size Priority Mail Flat Rate box or envelope will you be attaching your return label to? *

By now you should have rebundled, counted and condensed your unsold products and reusable brochures, handouts and banners into as few PRIORITY MAIL FLAT RATE boxes as possible. Choose the smallest box or envelope to fit your returns, please. The boxes are free at the post office.

What is the weight of the package? *

Enter pounds and ounces. (ex. 2 lbs, 2 oz)
What are the dimensions of the package?

Enter Length X Width X Height in inches (ex. 10x6x8)
What was the cost of shipping in USD? *

What is the tracking number? *

Please upload a copy of your shipping receipt here. *

Thank you so much for helping us make sure that our information is accurate.  And thanks for partnering with us to bless families at risk in the Philippines!
We will process your request as quickly as possible.  The return label or reimbursement confirmation will be emailed to {{answer_rs58f38OZ4uz}}.
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